Bromeliad Alcantarea ‘Odorata’


Alcantarea odorata is an extraordinary giant bromeliad species that is native to Brazil, boasting an enormous span of up to 5 feet across. Its foliage is truly impressive, featuring strap-like, pointy, and leathery pale green leaves adorned with a delicate silver powder, forming a stunning rosette. This plant adds captivating color and contrast to any landscape, especially when illuminated by the right light, which gives it a soft blue tint. The inflorescence of Alcantarea odorata can reach an impressive height of 5 feet, with a tall, branched spike adorned with fragrant yellow flowers. The plant typically takes between 3 to 5 years to flower. Alcantarea odorata is a hardy bromeliad that exhibits excellent tolerance to a wide range of climates. It is a versatile species, suitable for various settings including indoor cultivation, as an outdoor container specimen, or planted within the landscape. Its exceptional size, stunning foliage, and striking inflorescence make Alcantarea odorata a remarkable addition to any collection or garden.

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